Riding in the Abruzzo National Park

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Our guests could enjoy the emotion of a wonderful riding among the enchanting paths of Scanno, at the feet of the mountains of the Abruzzo National Park. The riding in the heart of the Park is something special that we offer to our guests. We shall guide you to visit woods, valleys and other interesting places just in company of your horse. Our guides will be with you all day long. The Riding School will furnish the riders of anything you need.


Half an hour or one hour
Riding in the “Prata”

The excursions shall be carried out in the Valle Scannese area, where the River Tasso rises. It is possible to ride among the paths, cross the fords that we meet along our way. From time to time we can make a stop just to enjoy the surrounding nature and enjoy the company of our horse. This is something special that we would like you to feel.


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Two hours
Visit to a fold (Stazzo)

The routes along the Valley of River Tasso go up to the springs. The trip goes on to visit some nearby folds that are still today inhabited by the shepherd and their sheep in summer time.

As you like you can visit:

  • Zu Mass Stazzo (fold)

  • Ferroio of Scanno Stazzo

  • Campo Rotondo Stazzo

  • Pretature Stazzo

  • Carapale Stazzo

Three hours
on the vestiges of Pope Wojtyla (John Paul II)


The route runs inside the Abruzzo National Park, and it is possible to reach other far away Stazzo. If we are lucky we could meet the Marsicano Brown Bear that goes around here from ever. It is also possible to pay a visit to the stele of Pope John Paul II. This place was discovered to people only few years ago because it was a secret place where the Pope came to pray in his last years of life. The highlands here have an interesting and natural typical vegetation of the Appennins Mountains.